360BitWork LICENSE

360BitWork Simple License (Effective Sept 16, 2018)

What you are allowed to do with the photos and images downloaded from our site:
  • All photos and images can be used for commercial and non-commercial, unless otherwise specified in the user profile or item listing.
  • Stock photography comes with three types of licenses: 1) Royalty Free; 2) Rights-Managed; 3) Extended or Enhanced, make sure to read up on the different types on the web for more information. We do a synopsis in our FAQs page
  • Besides the different types of license, there are also uses such as 1) Personal use; 2) Editorial; 3) Commercial; 4)Fair Use
  • When downloading free photos or images for your project such as a blog, print, poster etc, credit to the site and owner would be appreciated, but not required.
  • You can modify the photos and images for your project needs as you see fit.
  • Direct image links, BBCode and HTML thumbnails for your site.

What you are NOT allowed to do with the photos and images downloaded from our site:
  • All identifiable persons in the photos or images cannot be used in a way that is offensive, shown in a bad light or defamatory.
  • You cannot download the photos and images on 360BitWork and upload them to other photo sharing and aggregate sites unless permission granted by the owner or copyright holder.
  • You cannot sell unaltered photos or images without adding value to them.

As we continue to roll out our service, regular updates and more functionalities are coming.  Photographers and other content creators are encouraged to join for free.

360BitWork License may change without notice, but prior downloaded photos or images will correspond to the license agreement when photos or images were originally downloaded.