What can I upload?

1. You can only upload original works that are yours.

2. No uploading of illegal photos or images that contravene the laws in your country or internationally. No pornographic photos or images of men, women and child. When in doubt, just don't' do it!

3. You cannot flood this site by uploading the same content to act malicious and vindictive. Please be nice so that other people can enjoy this service without interruptions.

How can I use the stock photos and images?

1. At this time, you may use the stock photos and images for commercial and non-commercial purposes, unless stated otherwise by the owner of the stock photos or images.

2. You cannot use identifiable stock photos such as addressable locations, objects (car licence plates) and especially people in negative ways that would cause harm or injure their reputations.

How long will the free stuff last?

Currently there is no set date as to when we will move over to the pay model, but things can change without notice. However, there will always be a free component to this site. You will just have to visit the site often to find all of the exciting things happening here.

What happens if I lose my stock photos and images on this site?

1. At this time 360Bitwork.com and its affiliates are offering this service "as is" so we don't have any warranties or will we assume any liabilities in the event that your stock photos or images are lost.

Of course, we will strive in our available power to ensure a smooth functioning service that you will come to love and rely on. However, you should always make a backup copy on your local drive!

2. Before uploading, did you make a local copy on your own hardware to prevent loss? If not, please go do it!

When uploading my stock photos and images, should I add the title, category and description?

We highly recommend you add all of the metadata (title, category and description) to your stock photo or image as it will help Google and other search engines rank your work higher.

However, if don't add the description, you should definitely add the title and category.

I have question(s) that are not answered here.

If you questions that are not answered in our FAQs then send us an email at info@360bitwork.com

For other matters relating to partnering with us, sponsorships or more exclusive advertising on this site, send us an email at advertise@360bitwork.com